My research is motivated by innate curiosity in the natural world and also a keen interest in answering questions that can inform conservation and management efforts. For the past few years; I have worked (alongside colleagues) on a range of basic and applied studies in marine systems. These include studies on understanding the role of local institutions in governing resource use, socio-ecological resilience, illegal marine trade, interactions between dugongs and seagrass meadows, amongst others. For my doctoral research, I evaluated the impact of the tsunami on the coral reef communities and marine resource utilisation in the Nicobar archipelago.

My broad research interests are in understanding animal behaviour, conservation biology, species interactions, socio-ecological resilience, and ecosystem level processes in marine environments. In the future, I plan to continue studying dugongs, dolphins, coconut crabs and socio-ecological systems in the marine environment.

My current project is on incorporating reef resilience in the Andaman Islands and here are the details of my past projects. In addition, I am also working with a team of marine mammal researchers who are studying cetacean along Konkan coast in Maharashtra.