About me



Current Position: DST-INSPIRE Fellow, Centre for Wildlife Studies & National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore

Current Location: South Andaman & Bangalore

To me, the sea is a profusion of colours– canary yellow, vermilion red, citron orange, royal purple, pristine white dappled sunlight and an electric blue sea. I realised this twelve years back when I was introduced to diving. In the last few years the process of learning from nature, both above and in the water, has become a passion. Somewhere along the way, I picked up a camera in an attempt to share images with family and friends and what you see in blog is a token of that passion in words and pictures.

Contact: vardhanpatankar@gmail.com, vardhanp@ncbs.res.in

Bangalore: +91 9481728583

Andaman: +91 9679567753

Keywords: Ecology, coral reefs, conservation, marine mammals, crabs, resilience, acoustics 


14 Responses to About me

  1. Triveni says:

    Wow!! Your job is awesome.. Millions of people, including me, dream to go to destinations like you get to visit on your expedition..


  2. Ajay Pathak says:

    Really nice blog and photos r too good !!!!. i always had a dream to dive in open ocean n capture some amazing moments. all d best


  3. mrubru says:

    This is the most visually pleasing blog I have ever come across. I hope you always stay this passionate about your work… 🙂


  4. Ohhh..this is such a beautiful blog…just like ocean and its treasures. I felt I visited some beautiful island here. Thank you for liking my writing! Your subject is quite new to me yet I like to learn and know newer things.


  5. Your blog is so pleasant to the eye. Your subject of interest is new to me yet attractive. Thank you for following my writing and liking it in this young age. You are a sensitive fellow, I appreciate it. I shall keep following your writing! Wish you all the best Vardhan!


  6. Teju says:

    WOW! It was so nice knowing you! Hope you realise how blessed you are be swimming around & shooting these awesome jewels of the sea! so envy you 🙂
    But really, you got some truly fantastically amazing captures in here, they are a real visual treat… 🙂


  7. AnilCm says:

    I hereby nominate your most deserving blog for “One Lovely Award”. For more details please go to my post :
    for fulfilling some rules/ formalities. Should you have any question please let me know for clarification.


  8. seathechange says:

    Thanks for coming by my blog, I’m glad you liked it! I love your beautiful photos 🙂 It’s always great to meet another marine biologist 🙂


  9. jo11anne says:

    Thanks for dropping in on my blog, which in turn led me to your own. I am impressed by both the content and the wonderful photos on your site. There is so much beauty in the underwater world. I’ve seen a little bit while snorkling in the Caribbean and I’m glad you are now bringing it to the surface for us.


  10. southernacho says:

    Great job, very professional and interesting. Always caught my attention the life that exists underwater and this blog is a wonderful way as to find out. Thanks for sharing and I will be following.


  11. Chirag Murdeshwar says:

    Very interesting reads on ur blog. gr8 work.. I like of way of venturing out for adventure.. and thanks for droppin by my blog..


  12. aditya says:

    I love it vardhan bhayia it is just awesome…i m following your blog.
    -aditya mandlik


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