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‘Live like you have a hundred years more to go: B.F. Chhapgar’.

As I walk into Cusrow Baug, ripples of sound from a piano, a guitar and a clock’s chimes all float through the air over the parked vintage cars and bikes. Old couples stand in their balconies, staring into infinity in … Continue reading

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Delhi by Winter

VARDHAN PATANKAR You were told there would be tall buildings, short buildings, houses and bizarre structures of architects. You were told to travel by sterile metro railways that are built to guide your feet and where people follow the rules. … Continue reading

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Pehelvaan Thakur

By Vardhan Patankar “Nowadays, they have machines that give you a haircut and shave. You just have to move the machine blindly over someone’s head or face and you earn money” Pehelvaan Thakur A pure happenstance led me to Pehelvaan. … Continue reading

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The old man and an old house

From the outside it looked a nice enough house: sun-bleached brown clay walls with clay tiles for the roofing and wooden windows painted blue. It was an old house, the sort you would imagine as a heritage structure, with a … Continue reading

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