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“What not to do in the field”: A how-not-to guide to field biology

Nitya Prakash Mohanty is a wildlife researcher working on the Andaman Islands, in the Bay of Bengal. His ongoing PhD study examines the Indian bullfrog’s recent introduction and subsequent invasion on the archipelago, far from the frog’s natural home on … Continue reading

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Crab claw

VARDHAN PATANKAR There was a fish market a few minutes from where I lived. The small market was crowded from the wee hours of the morning to mid-day. The fish stench, the sounds of a fish market, loud voices of … Continue reading

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Forgotten fact

I got-up early in the morning, packed my bag, oiled my 350 standard bullet and left for the Konkan coast with my father. The morning sun was shining in the corner with the kind of reflecting, silvery light you sometimes … Continue reading

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