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The story of a child prodigy

February 8, 1997- May 15, 2013 The history of art is full of obscure but brilliant, people who never quite got their due, despite their immense talents. Oswald Yura is one such. A 16-year-old boy from a little-Known Island in … Continue reading

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Crab claw

VARDHAN PATANKAR There was a fish market a few minutes from where I lived. The small market was crowded from the wee hours of the morning to mid-day. The fish stench, the sounds of a fish market, loud voices of … Continue reading

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In a rolling stone town

VARDHAN PATANKAR Edited version published in reef resilience blog: http://reefresiliencenetwork.ning.com/profiles/blog/list As soon as I stepped out of the Zanzibar Airport, I was greeted by “karibu”, (welcome in Swahili). The friendly driver drove us to the Hotel Grand Palace, the venue of … Continue reading

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Shadow of the tiger

VARDHAN PATANKAR Edited version published in the Nature Conservation Foundation Newsletter, Bushchat “You can’t say the word Tiger, it’s a bad omen” There is lot more to the Sundarbans than the presence of tigers and if stories of tigers are told, … Continue reading

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Lakshadweep sojourn

How wonderful it is to be able to write! To convey your thoughts… to sit and pick up a pen… to put your thoughts into words. Of course, once I do put them into words, I find I can only … Continue reading

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Bug got bugged

My destination was coastal village Harnai. Gentle, grassland covered on one side and on the other a vastness of emerald blue. The village was silent. Everything was dead quiet. Kind of like a siesta time. I parked my bike, stretched … Continue reading

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