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A day at ANET field station

This year, a summer intern from IISER Tirupati, Narola Harsh helped me with my fieldwork. Despite having an interest in physics, he somehow landed at ANET field-base to assist me with my work. Harsh stayed at ANET for 20 days. This … Continue reading

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The Bay Island Lizard: My Work Companions

I sleep in a comfortable machan style cottage, with a tin roof overhead and wooden chatai windows and walls that open on all sides. A dozen or so areca nut trees, a few bamboo groves and various native trees surround … Continue reading

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A day in the life of a butterfly fish

The reef that day was filled with plankton. Butterflyfishes drifted through, occasionally stopping to nibble on bits of coral. They were like a school of miniature art models with their protruding mouths and vivid and abstract colours. The warm water … Continue reading

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Dugongs in the Andaman Islands – A Saga

Our love, passion, appreciation and realization of the importance of our surrounding environment and wildlife have resulted in actions to safeguard our environment. We often take it for granted that, the Forest Department and NGO’s, albeit inefficient, are protecting our … Continue reading

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Securing Habitat of Nemo

VARDHAN PATANKAR Edited version published in the Andaman Chronicle. A famous Disney animation movie introduced the underwater world through a movie, Finding Nemo. The movie was well received and Nemo, the clown fish, received a lot of attention, not only … Continue reading

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On a psychedelic trip

Edited version published in the Hindu School section http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-in-school/article3886846.ece A beautiful morning sun sparkled gold across the ripples of a gentle sea. About a mile from the shore a fishing boat chugged the water towards us. It was Yoayelas boat, our … Continue reading

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An eye on Yoda

Here is the base; it is built entirely of wood; wood that is endemic to Andaman. It has a brown unpolished look. It is very beautiful. Here is the team. They are able and capable. There are many in the team: … Continue reading

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