Line of thought


Series of post cards from my birding walks.

My fad of sketching seems to be spluttering along a bit erratically, but to fill a dull coloured rectangle space with some lines is always a thrill. Of course finding space and time to sketch is always a challenge, but when I find time to sketch, the experience is as enthralling as snorkelling over colourful coral reefs.


A racket tail drongo

The impact of starting to draw as a part of unwinding process is incredibly powerful. It has taught me to observe things in ways I’ve never observed before. And many times just because I was drawing I have looked at things with intensity and noticed subtlety and beauty in things that have been in front of my eyes for years.



Sometimes I stop observing things. I think I understand their purpose as objects. I know their names and their utilitarian value, whereas a few objects emerge out of my imagination, out of nowhere, like an insistent dream.  They appear full of life like planktons or dull as concrete buildings.


The purpose of sharing these images is not to show off my drawing skills, but rather to initiate a conversation and to promote the use of post cards as sketching material. They cost only 50 paise and are available in all post offices across India. Besides, portability of sketching there is also the time factor. You can finish an entire sketch very quickly, which means if you have a limited reserve of patience then before you are bored there is something ready at hand.

If you haven’t, maybe you should give postcard sketching a try. It might help you in unwinding after your busy day at work, and you may see things that you haven’t seen or explored before.