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I'm studying to be a marine biologist. I'm particularly fascinated by marine life that lives amongst coral reefs, but I observe upon other life and things of beauty with just as much wonder, amazement and fascination.

Capturing the Eye of a Crocodile Fish

“Beauty lies in the beholder’s eyes. Behold these eyes and thou shall recognise, The crystalline lattices of constellations to adore, Mirrored in the eyes of the piscivore.” The shallow sea flattens. Slowly, you descend and in the hustle-bustle of the … Continue reading

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Case for coexistence between humans and crocodiles

An edited version of this story first appeared in Down to Earth in December issue. Vardhan Patankar & Vrushal Pendharkar Away from the shores of mainland India, an unusual conflict has been unraveling in the picturesque islands of Andamans and … Continue reading

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Is there a future for the wetland birds of Sippighat in South Andamans?

Zoya Tyabji & Vardhan Patankar An edited version of this story first appeared in Down to Earth Mixed flocks of birds glide contently through the wetland waters of Sippighat, their feathers glinting in the sunlight. Some fluffing, basking under the … Continue reading

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‘Live like you have a hundred years more to go: B.F. Chhapgar’.

As I walk into Cusrow Baug, ripples of sound from a piano, a guitar and a clock’s chimes all float through the air over the parked vintage cars and bikes. Old couples stand in their balconies, staring into infinity in … Continue reading

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The Bay Island Lizard: My Work Companions

I sleep in a comfortable machan style cottage, with a tin roof overhead and wooden chatai windows and walls that open on all sides. A dozen or so areca nut trees, a few bamboo groves and various native trees surround … Continue reading

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Jewels of the seabed

Edited version: If you dive deep into the oceans, you could be treated to a view of colourful sea slugs. While you admire the patterns and hues, be informed – the colours are their armours. Enchanting to anyone who dives … Continue reading

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A day of dugong!

Every year, we dedicate the 2nd to the 8th of October as the ‘Wildlife week’. It is during this period that we reflect on our countries’ rich biodiversity and the services it provides us. While we celebrate this week here, … Continue reading

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Floaters on Cinque

Guest post by Nitya Prakash Mohanty Crackle. Crackle. Popcorn? Hunger clouds my thoughts. I flash my torch at the slippery rocks below to compensate for the yet to rise the moon. Hundreds of molluscs scatter on my approach. The surrounding sea … Continue reading

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How I wish I was a fish!

Wouldn’t you love to be a fish – gorgeously coloured and interestingly shaped, spending your life jumping from one coral to another…just like a hawkfish? With a wonderfully apt name, these patient stalkers of prey behave like hawks. They rest … Continue reading

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Rainbows are real

I was told that certain objects cannot be touched. They are there to be appreciated, to be adhered to and revered. I think of such objects. The arc of a rainbow comes to my mind. It appears out of nowhere … Continue reading

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