I love my bicycle


Fomas Roadking (Photo credit:Vardhan Patankar)

Enter a caption deluxe


The bike is entry level bicycle in the market by the Chinese manufacturer. It has Shimano entry level shifter, a steel frame and drops bar handles. The saddle is pretty basic and not comfortable to ride for more than 10 km a day. I bought this bike for my regular commute. So far I have done approximately 300 km and I find the bike to be steady and smooth but not great with control.



Fomas Roadking Delux model


The most important thing I like about it is the colour—red and white. These colours are often used to speedy sports cars, as they define speed. I don’t know if I will ever win the actual race riding this bicycle, but the colour of the bike has already won the race of my heart. I love it!


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