Hello world!

I live and work in the Andaman and Nicobar islands. This is my first post on the WordPress blog. The idea of having a blog is rather simple. It is to share my general views and thoughts when tides of confusion wash through. I will be posting photographs and writing about many things —ranging from biking, photography, writing, gadgets, wildlife, movies to about anything and everything. The focus however is not so much on what my view or posts are, but on the conversations that might begin through comments, suggestions, criticism or questions from you.

So welcome to the Psychedelic nostalgia of my wondering mind!


About Vardhan Patankar

I pursue reef and marine mammal related research with a critical eye and a fine-tuned appreciation for weirdness. I am particularly fascinated by marine life that exists within coral reefs, but observes life outside the reefs with just as much wonder and amazement.
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